Including: Church, Pastor, Council Members, and Volunteers

Church software management

We specialize in using Shepherd’s Staff but can work with your

current software, as well.

  • Generate reports

  • Attendance

  • Contributions

  • Financial statements

  • Membership


Data entry

Email management (replying, organizing, routing etc.)

Call and text management

Management of supplies

Vendor relations


Creation of general documents, letters, flyers, postcards, annual reports


Calendar and schedule management

  • Coordination of meetings

  • Pastoral Conferences


Task Management


Manage and coordinate events and volunteer sign-up

The Process


We can discuss your needs with a free 30 minute consultation.

The Services

Determine the service(s) required which can be a one-time service or ongoing.

The Price

A quote will be issued once the service has been determined.


The start date of the contract will be discussed and agreed upon when you are ready.

The contract can be terminated at any time and you will only be billed for the

work completed.